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We are delighted to reward our valued guests, both old and new, with our new Refer a Friend scheme. Launching Sunday 30th July in celebration of International Friendship Day, you can now claim up to £250 of onboard credit per cabin for each friend you refer who has never sailed with us before, and they can claim the same amount!

We’d like to thank each guest who has shared their Ambassador moments with loved ones and recommended us to their friends. International Friendship Day gives us the chance to celebrate our connections and treasure special moments with friends old and new. Whether you’re travelling solo or with others, our ships are the perfect place to meet like-minded people and form friendships for life.

Introduce your friends to Ambassador today and you’ll both enjoy unbeatable rewards and discover the Ambassador experience; all for the best value!

Refer a Friend and when they book for the first time, you’ll both receive…

  • £50 Onboard Credit – when they book a sailing from 7-14 nights
  • £100 Onboard Credit – when they book a sailing from 15-30 nights
  • £150 Onboard Credit – when they book a sailing from 31-50 nights
  • £250 Onboard Credit – when they book a sailing from 50+ nights

Want to refer a friend?

Simply find a friend who has never booked or sailed with us before and when they make a new booking for a sailing of 7 nights or more, fill out our online Refer a Friend form to claim the onboard credit for you and your friend! Alternatively, you can speak to our Reservations team (new bookings) or Guest Services (existing bookings).

Terms & conditions:

Ambassador Cruise Line Refer a Friend scheme is valid on new referrals made on/after 30/07/2023 and cannot be applied to any bookings made prior to these dates. Onboard credit (OBC) is valid per cabin not per person. The referee must be a new guest who has never sailed or made a booking with us previously (including festive events). To claim the onboard credit reward, the referrer must have a past booking, minimum of 7 nights made on/after 30/07/2023 and the referee must make a new booking from 30/07/23 which is a sailing of 7 nights or more, separate to the referrer. The referrer and the referee must have two separate bookings. Referrals made before this time will not be valid. Referrals must be completed within 7 days of the referee making a booking. Onboard credit gets credited to both the referrer and the referee’s accounts within 7 days of the referee having paid their deposit. Refer a Friend onboard credit can be used on any existing or new booking. Onboard credit is valid for 18 months from your friend’s booking date (not sailing date). If your sailing is within 7 days, please call guest services to apply the credit to your account as a matter of urgency. Onboard credit cannot be split across multiple sailings and any remaining credit leftover at the end of the sailing cannot be refunded or transferred. In the event of the referee transferring their booking, the onboard credit reward for both the referrer and referee will be adjusted accordingly based on the duration of the new sailing on the referee’s booking. If the referee cancels their booking the onboard credit reward will be lost on both the referrer and referee’s bookings. Onboard credit rewards cannot be transferred to another booking for yourself or any other guest or redeemed as a cash reward. Referrals cannot be redeemed whilst the referrer is on a current sailing. There is no limit to the number of friends that can be referred within a 12-month period. Travel agents are not eligible to claim commission on referrals. The maximum Refer a Friend onboard credit you can claim is £250 if the referee books any sailing from 50+ nights - see above for scale of credit. If the referrer refers multiple friends, on multiple different bookings, the onboard credit can be spread across the separate bookings in the multiples attained or combined to one booking. It is the responsibility of both the referrer and referee to ensure all details given are correct and full name, email, date of birth and postcode match the booking and Refer a Friend from request. The Refer a Friend scheme is not applicable alongside group benefits. Refer a Friend cannot be used with any trade, staff or family concession booking. Terms and conditions apply, we reserve the right to remove this promotion at any time or apply any changes we see fit. 

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