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Stay In touch with friends and family, post your holidays snaps on social media or sit down and enjoy a movie with a wide range of Internet package options onboard.  

With the Introduction of Starlink technology onboard we are excited to bring you our new range of Wi-Fi options onboard to fit your needs. These Include our Basic, Value and Premium packages.

Package Basic Value Premium
Messaging (Whatsapp, Messeger)
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)  
Streaming ( Standard Definition 720p)    
Video Chat    

To purchase a package, simply connect to the onboard Wi-Fi, access the all aboard portal and then select the package that best suits your needs. You can also speak to our excellent guest services team at reception who will be able to assist with getting you connected. 

Choose from a data package (1GB or 5GB), 1 day or opt for the whole voyage package for the best value. Whole voyage packages are available to purchase within the first 24 hours onboard. 

Guest Packages

Package Basic Value Premium
1 GB N/A N/A £15
5 GB N/A N/A £50
1 Day £10 £12 £18
Whole Voyage starting from £8 per day £10 per day £15 per day

Our Whole Voyage package will vary per day depending on the length of your cruise. The below details the per night cost depending on cruise length. For Example: A 4 night cruise with the whole voyage value package would be £40.  

Package Basic Value Premium
Short Cruise (1-4 Nights) £8 per day £10 per day £15 per day
Standard Cruise (5-29 Nights) £7 per day £8 per day £13 per day
Longer Cruise (30-69 Nights) £5 per day £7 per day £12 per day
Longer Cruise (70+ Nights) £4 per day £5 per day £10 per day


How do I purchase internet while onboard? 

Guests can purchase Wi-Fi packages onboard via the Ambassador Cruise Line app or All Aboard app by selecting Internet & Services and Purchase Internet. 

Are there any browsing limitations with the onboard plans? 

Yes.  Due to their content or large bandwidth consumption, some websites and categories of websites will be blocked. This may include: adult content, file sharing, malware, online gambling, phishing, proxy avoidance and violent content. 

Our Basic and Value plans do not include video streaming, so social media may be limited to images and text only. Premium plan users will benefit from faster speeds but should be aware that streaming speeds can still be affected during peak hours. 

While we will aim to ensure that our guests have a seamless internet experience, certain applications or services may not be supported onboard. This can include unsupported apps, VPN’s, email clients, etc. If guests have any issues accessing a certain service, they should speak to Guest Services while onboard.  

I got disconnected when onboard? 

Please be aware that due to the nature of the onboard connection, all users will be disconnected after 3 hours of being logged In. Simply connect back to the Wi-Fi and enter your details to connect back. 

What is satellite internet and how does it differ from internet at home? 

Wi-Fi on board uses internet signals that are wirelessly transmitted thousands of miles via satellite.  

to and from our ships. Due to the nature of the satellite transmission, the Wi-Fi may sometimes be slower at sea when compared to terrestrial connectivity. Geographical location, weather and the number of users using the system can have an impact on connectivity speed. 

Do I need a Wi-Fi package to access All Aboard or Ambassador Cruise Line app? 

No, access to All Aboard and the Ambassador Cruise Line app is free to use while onboard our ships. Simply connect to the Guest Wi-Fi and you will be able to access your onboard account, book destination experiences and much more.  

Will I be charged by my phone company if I connect to the Ship’s Wi-Fi? 

No; whilst connected to the Guest Wi-Fi, your device should not be incurring any mobile data costs from your mobile network provider.  

However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not using the mobile signal or data. You can turn off mobile data in your device settings or by activating airplane mode (you may need to re-activate your device’s Wi-Fi afterwards).  

You will still be charged by your phone company for any voice calls or text messages, regardless of whether you are connected to the ship’s Wi-Fi. 

We recommend confirming your mobile roaming capability and charges in advance of your voyage. Ambassador is not responsible for charges incurred via your mobile phone network provider. 

Can I connect multiple devices to the onboard Wi-Fi? 

Each Wi-Fi package only allows 1 device to be connected at any given time. Multiple devices can use the same Wi-Fi package but not simultaneously.

Which package will I get if I have Complimentary Wi-Fi as part of my booking?

If your booking qualifies for Complimentary Wi-Fi then each guest on your booking will receive a Whole Voyage - Value Wi-Fi Package. This will be delivered to your cabin on Embarkation day.

Starlink FAQ

What is Starlink? 

Developed by SpaceX, Starlink is the world's first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit satellite (LEO) to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more.  

Why introduce Starlink to the fleet? 

Starlink will bring an unparalleled level of connectivity to Ambassador guests, ensuring they can stay connected with the world wherever they sail. Wi-Fi is available in public spaces and cabins, ensuring that guests can enjoy the internet's convenience and reliability from all corners of the ship. 

What Wi-Fi did you offer onboard previously, and how will broadband speeds compare to previous Ambassador Wi-Fi connectivity? 

Traditional satellites have been used on the Ambassador fleet since launch. These utilise signals that are wirelessly transmitted thousands of miles via satellite to our ships, wherever they are in the world. Due to the nature of traditional satellite transmission, signals are regularly impacted by geographical location and weather. 

With the introduction of Starlink, we are taking advantage of satellites orbiting closer to the earth. This results in less distance for signals to travel and improves Wi-Fi speed. Due to locations of Starlink satellites, there is less risk of services being impacted by weather and structural or land mass blockages, resulting in a more stable service.  

It is anticipated that Wi-Fi speeds will improve by 50% with Starlink versus our previous Satellite connection. 

When will Starlink be available onboard Ambassador ships? 

Starlink Is now fully rolled out on both Ambassador Ambience and Ambition. 

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